The Route we Walked

The Route we Walked

Where to Begin

Welcome to our blog about our family adventure walking the El Camino Frances across Spain this past Spring.

The trek was a family adventure and our travellers numbered three – myself (30), Nick “the packhorse” as he referred to himself (30) and the “Littlest peregrino” or “littlest pilgrim” our 1 year old daughter Aurelia.

We have started this blog at the request of fellow pilgrims we met along the road who shared our adventures and who also grew to love our “littlest pilgrim”. It is also a way to show family and friends why we chose to walk "such a bloody long way".

The title for the blog came from the frequent greeting of “oh it's the littlest pilgrim” that Aurelia would receive as we walked the path each day meeting new people or when we arrived at alberques each night. Therefore as we became known as the “Australian couple with the baby” or “Aurelia's parents” we felt it appropriate to name it after her.

We are a young family from Sydney, Australia with a desire to travel and live life passionately. Nick is a mental health nurse, I am a special education teacher and Aurelia – well her full time job at the moment is just growing more and more delightful as a toddler.

We have paused to reflect on the experience before writing this blog as some of the lessons learnt have come with time and reflection rather than writing the blog each day as we travelled.

The content of the blog however will come from the daily journals we kept as we walked. The daily entries detail the kilometres walked, our start and finishing town and details on the alberque (when energy allowed us to record them).

There are numerous informative blogs about the camino which detail the history of the towns we walked through. While we found this fascinating and it certainly contributed to our experience of walking the camino we have not included it as this is not the focus of our blog and there are plenty of others which do a far better job of it than we would.

We have a regular travel blog and you can find it at which details our travel adventures as a family on a daily basis as we travel from Australia, to relocate on a working holiday visa, to the UK.

Check it out and hopefully you will find it an interesting read.

All the people photographed (where there face is shown) gave their permission to be included on our blog.

We hope you enjoy this blog, feel inspired and encouraged to seek out your own adventures whether they be as an individual, couple or family like us.

Buen Camino !
Chelle, Nick and Aurelia.

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